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Dr. Bolar is a leading authority on Educational Leadership and a renowned expert in successfully working with African American males, Parenting Expert and Building Healthy Relationships. Dr. Bolar is the author of 7 books including the acclaimed book, "The Non-Negotiable: Educating African American Males K-12."    He is also an educator, entrepreneur, mentor, business leader, and well-known action leader, who has successfully managed education programs and lectured at various academic institutions around the state, including Virginia Union University, Virginia State University, and Virginia Commonwealth University.   Dr. Bolar offers one-on-one consulting, keynote speeches, full and half-day workshops, webinars, and training on a variety of topics ranging from Professional Writing, Productive Relationships and Culturally Responsive Teaching, Individual and Family Counseling, and Youth Empowerment.  Learn how Dr. Bolar can customize your training to meet your event needs and how you can work with a professional thought provoking, inspiring speaker for your next event.  > View Dr. Bolar's Policy


This Package Is Perfect for Individuals and Business Teams Who Are Looking for Assistance with A Particular Project.

Sometimes you need special attention to help you define your purpose and recognize your unique gifts.  Or, maybe you need help making plans to keep you focused on working towards what matters most to you.  Dr. Bolar offers one-on-one coaching which provides you with the exact skills, tools, and support you need to turn your personal and professional goals into a reality. Whether you are confronting a transition, considering a change, or just feeling stuck, Dr. Bolar can help guide you in the right direction.  Get ready to rediscover your passion, formulate your vision and create an action-oriented plan that achieves results.

(Now Booking September 2017 Sessions)

Dr. Bolar’s one-on-one coaching package includes up to 8 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions, email and phone support over a three-month period to help you move forward and address your specific needs. Contact Dr. Bolar today to find out how he can help you get motivated and on your way to unleashing your passion.


The Best Audience:  Annual Conferences, Associations, Corporate Events,  Leadership Events, and Team-Building Meetings


"You Can Expect Dr. Bolar to Engage and Ignite Your Audience!”


Are you looking for a keynote speaker who is capable of capturing the essence of your conference, meeting, special event or training?   Do you need a passionate, creative speaker who delivers motivating keynotes and who can transform your event?  A highly-sought after keynote speaker, Dr. Bolar has a unique ability to connect with his audience using real-world experiences and credibility built on his proven track record and extensive experience working with leading educational institutions and organizations.   You can expect Dr. Bolar to engage your audience and ignite your audience to take action in their personal and professional lives by delivering tangible value as well as creating more interest in your future events.  If you are looking for a speaker committed to helping individuals and companies reach their full potential, you are in the Right place, and Dr. Bolar is the Right speaker for your next event. 

Recent Speaking Engagements

Richmond Boys Choir Workshop on Anger Management for young males ages 7-17

Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice Writing/Enrichment Workshop

Richmond Department of Social Service/ The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Community Resilience Summit (Presentation: Understanding the 21st Century Student) 


The Best Audience:  Teachers, Education Students,...


Gay (2000) defines culturally responsive teaching as using the cultural knowledge, prior experiences, and performance styles of diverse students to make learning more appropriate and effective for them; Teaching to and through the strengths of these students. Gay (2000) describes culturally responsive teaching as having these characteristics as the focal point for high quality delivery.


It is no secret that a student’s academic success is connected to a student’s learning style and performance when students are in the best learning environment, and their teacher can deliver the most engaging learning experience.  Also, a culturally responsive teaching approach provides cohesive connections centered around building positive and productive relationships. 

The training effectively engages students in the learning process through a mix of student-content, student-instructor, and student-student interaction.  This training will offer a comprehensive training of culturally responsive teaching will address the following key points:


  •  How to acknowledge the legitimacy of the cultural heritages of different ethnic groups, as legacies that affect students' dispositions, attitudes, and approaches to learning and as worthy content to be taught in the formal curriculum.

  • How to builds bridges of meaningfulness between home and school experiences as well as between academic abstractions and lived sociocultural realities.

  • How to use a wide variety of instructional strategies that are connected to different learning styles.

  • How to teach students to know and praise their own and each other’s' cultural heritages.

  • How to incorporate multicultural information, resources, and materials in all the subjects and skills routinely taught in schools.

  • The difference in blended learning, relevant and rigorous differentiation.

  • How to identify intended learning outcomes based on SMART Goals.

  • How to apply regular, and timely feedback about student performance promptly.

  • How to apply authentic learning activities used to help students recognize the relevance of course content.

Dr. Lawrence V. Bolar - Culturally Responsive Teaching Training

Sometimes you need someone on the outside to give you guidance on how to repair the issues plaguing your family.  You need someone to show you how to improve your communication and develop strategies to overcome the overwhelming feelings you and your family may be experiencing.  You do not have to face your challenges alone, and you can collaborate with a professional who is passionate about helping you and your family develop the skills you need to grow stronger as a family unit. Dr. Bolar's individual and family counseling support sessions offer education and training to parents who need assistance in establishing clear goals that will empower them to create positive relationships and will foster independence. Additionally, appropriate resources and referrals can be provided if deemed necessary in the areas of health, nutrition, medical or social services and more. Clients can expect a safe and secure environment where confidentiality is of upmost importance.  Dr. Bolar treats every client with compassion as well as respect and specializes in working with diverse populations and customizing sessions to meet you and your family’s specific needs.

Let's Empower and Strengthen Your Family!
Your session(s) will help you:
  • Identify the source of your challenges.

  • Learn strategies to resolve immediate fears.

  • Develop skills to effectively and efficiently manage future circumstances that could affect your individual or family goals.

In addition to offering individual and group sessions, Dr. Bolar also offers sessions for individuals who may benefit from interacting with others with similar situations.

Dr. Lawrence V. Bolar - No Parent Left Behind
USE THIS RESOURCE TO HELP YOU JUMPSTART YOUR SUCCESS “No Parent Left Behind: Strategies of Success for the 21st Century Parent”

Dr. Bolar's book "No Parent Left Behind"

is designed to inform parents of best practices as well as give them insight on research based practices.


The Best Audience:  Youth, Church Youth Groups, Teachers, Educators, Community-based Organizations


The Youth Empowerment Symposium is an interactive forum designed for youth ages 12-18 to motivate, encourage, and inspire young people to establish S.M.A.R.T. goals.   We transform the minds of youth, and impact their behavior and thinking by offering a range of topics relevant to the lives of today's youth.  This intense full-day empowerment session provides engaging exercises that activate deep internal insights and creates an actual connection between the attendees.  We are passionate about uplifting, engaging, empowering, inspiring, and motivating our youth. Empowerment sessions create an opportunity to give our youth the voice they desperately need and deserve.

Topics include:

  • Pull Your Pants Up

  • Teen Pregnancy

  • Bully Event

What Youth Are Saying

"Finally someone is listening to us!." 

~ T. McDonald

"Just happy to be heard and be a part of this awesome event.."  ~ R. Johnson

"Excited that others are going through similar issues and that I’m not alone.."  ~ J. Hawkins

"Dr. Bolar kept my attention and made the workshop fun.."  ~ S. Mason


Do you have an amazing story that you need to share with the world, but you are struggling with laying the foundation for your first book?  Have you always had a difficult time writing and lack writing confidence?  Do you want to launch a blog for your business, but struggle with formulating your ideas and structuring your words?  Well, I can help you become a stronger writing and help you take your vision to paper.  You will learn the proven strategies I used to write seven books, and I will give you the support you need to remove your writing fears, overcome creative writing blocks, manage your time more efficiently, and simplify your writing process to help you save time and money.  Learn how you can benefit from a writing coaching sessions, today.

Let's Bring Your Writing to Life!
Writing Coach Services



This Package Is Perfect for Individuals Who Are Beginner Writers.


If you are a beginner writer, and you need clarity on why you want to write, who you want your writing to reach, and the effect you want to have on people when they read your writing - this package will help you start developing a plan for success, so you reach your writing goals.

  • 1 Call (Initial Consultation-30 minutes)

  • 1 Discovery Session (60 minutes by phone)

  • 2 Coaching Sessions (45 minutes each by phone)

  • Email Support Between Calls

  This package does not include feedback on your writing.

  • 1 Call (Initial Consultation-30 minutes)

  • 1 Discovery Session (90 minutes by phone)

  • 3 Coaching Sessions (45 minutes each by phone)

  • Email Support Between Calls

  • High Level (Developmental, Style, and Voice) Feedback on Your Writing

This package does not include proofreading or line edits.


If you’ve dreamed of writing a book, but never knew how to start, the future is now! In this package you can choose between six or twelve one-hour coaching sessions delivered over an agreed upon timeframe. Dr. Bolar’s will teach you key concepts for writing to help you get that book written!

You can expect to:

  • Develop A Project Plan for Completing Your First Draft

  • Receive A Series of One-On-One Coaching Sessions with Dr. Bolar

  • Receive Individual Support to Guide You Through the Writing Process

  • Receive Assistance in Book Titling

  • Receive Tips, Ideas, and Suggestions to Help You Keep Moving and Achieve Your Goal of A Finished Manuscript.

  • Have Access to Dr. Bolar By Email, Phone, or Face-to-Face to Get Yourself Unstuck and On Track

Your Investment for a 6-Session Package | $1,000
Your Investment for a 12-Session Package | $2,000


You received your acceptance letter to your Ph.D. program, and everything feels surreal.   You have dreamed of this day and you excited, but a little anxious about the work ahead.  You have set and accomplished many academic goals, but you know this journey will be different from others, and you should approach completing your Ph.D. strategically.  Guess what?  You can receive help from a professional coach, who can show you how to avoid pitfalls and ensure you do not waste time.  Dr. Bolar’s Dissertation Coaching sessions can you cross the finish line and obtain your academic prize. Dr. Bolar offers comprehensive, personalized support and can help guide you from start to finish. 

Services include:

  • Selecting a Topic to Research

  • Selecting a Chair

  • Selecting a Committee

  • Understanding 5 types of Research

  • Defending your Topic

Your Investment:

  • 30 minute Coaching Session $75.00

  • 60 minute Coaching Session $125.00

  • 1 Month Coaching Session $350.00 Include

USE THIS RESOURCE TO HELP YOU JUMPSTART YOUR SUCCESS “The Dissertation Marathon: A Three Year Guide to Crossing the Finish Line”

Surviving the dissertation journey is a book about how to actually survive the journey you'll take in getting your doctoral degree. A decision that shouldn't be taken lightly and you will definitely need as much help with as you can secure.

Dr. Lawrence V. Bolar -The Dissertation Marathon
Dr. Lawrence V. Bolar
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