Eradicating the Saggy Pants Syndrome in America Now is forged to empower the minds of each reader to make an intelligent decision regarding this style of dress. I sincerely believe once each reader has had the opportunity to review the literature this behavior will be discouraged and soon discontinued. The overall demure is to bring closure to this fashion frenzy that has lasted over two decades in America. The research will enfold that the behavior was encouraged by both female and male students. It is my opinion that male peers encouraged one another through modeling this ridiculous behavior. It is further supported that females consistently provide verbal praise and encouragement to young men to the degree that they felt empowered to continue this fashion imprudence.

Eradicating The Saggy Pants Syndrome In America


    As an educator, author and a Christian, Dr. Bolar understands the power of his voice. My voice must be heard on the earth, in fact, it’s imperative.  As believers In Christ, we have been given the power of life and death bestowed upon us in our very voices. The question is when you will allow your voice to be heard? What will you say that will change and transform someone’s life?  I posses no power of my own; Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! >> READ MORE


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