In everyone’s life there is a strong need for encouragement to not just survive our journey in life, but to thrive! Aborting Your Dreams How does one pursue success in today’s corrupt society with its impenetrable systems and impoverished mind-set? Fighting off the stain of fame or wealth, prosperity over the salvation, it starts with a new beginning by responding to the call. Pursuing the power in you starts by taking ownership! As an educator author and coach, my primary mission is to create and inspire every individual to unleash the untapped and unthinkable talent that God created in them. Too many people have tapped out, kicked out, and aborted their own dreams. No matter what or who you are or what stage in life you discover yourself in today, without God, your thoughts are killing you! Why? Because our minds are often our worst enemy. If you want to make changes in your life, you’re going to have to push yourself because your life and legacy depends on it! Laziness destroys dreams, indecision is a thief in life, and procrastination is enemy number one. So fighting while at war with the mind is not an option! You have to fight with everything in you to keep your brain from sabotaging your dreams. What you are and what you become depends on you! Take control over your destiny and believe that you can be more than a conqueror in all that you do with the confidence that no weapon formed against or created by you will prosper!

New Beginnings Responding to The Call


    As an educator, author and a Christian, Dr. Bolar understands the power of his voice. My voice must be heard on the earth, in fact, it’s imperative.  As believers In Christ, we have been given the power of life and death bestowed upon us in our very voices. The question is when you will allow your voice to be heard? What will you say that will change and transform someone’s life?  I posses no power of my own; Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! >> READ MORE


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    Dr. Lawrence V. Bolar - The Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team

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