Surviving the dissertation journey is a book about how to actually survive the journey you'll take in getting your doctoral degree. A decision that shouldn't be taken lightly and you will definitely need as much help with as you can secure. The market is full of books similar to this book, so why select this book? This book is a proven road map to success on how you can earn your degree. The book offers real-life scenarios, actual research-based strategies, and samples, including motivational quotes to stimulate you to forge ahead. The book is not about how to survive but how to thrive, what routes to take, and what routes not to take. The manuscript teaches you how to navigate the entire journey. This book is ideal for students who are pursuing the journey or want to pursue this journey.

The Dissertation Marathon a Three Year Guide to Crossing The Finish Line


    As an educator, author and a Christian, Dr. Bolar understands the power of his voice. My voice must be heard on the earth, in fact, it’s imperative.  As believers In Christ, we have been given the power of life and death bestowed upon us in our very voices. The question is when you will allow your voice to be heard? What will you say that will change and transform someone’s life?  I posses no power of my own; Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! >> READ MORE


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